Structure and Function

Presidium of Executive Team:One president,four vice presidents(in charge of finance, administration, activities, communication respectively), one secretary-general(in charge of hosting meetings, quarter summarizing and arrangement of departments.

Oversight Committee: consists of 3-5 members, which is a majority rule based group independent of executive team.

Responsibilities: (1) supervising executive team; (2)delating the president; (3) hosting elections; (4) keeping elections impartial, candid and public.

Dept. of Finance:VP finance act as the director, with one executive director, several members and advisors.

Responsibilities: (1) in charge of property of CGSA and handing in financial reports to executive team and oversight committee monthly; (2) applying for fundings inside UBC and assisting Dept. of Communication for funding off-campus; (3) overseeing purchases of; (4) offering tax filing instruction in March or April every year.

Dept. of Administration:VP Administration act as the director, with one executive director and several members.

Responsibilities: (1) managing information of members; (2) “Help new students”, including contacting new students, Q&A online, editing handbooks for nw students, picking up new students at the airport, welcoming parties and workshops; (3) arranging main meetings; (4) recuiting new members for Executive Team, internal social activities and training; (5) assisting Dept. of Communication in the item of “Career Development”. Dept. of Administration has a technique group, which is in charge of the establishment and maintainance of the CGSA website, email list and other online platform.

Dept. of Communication:VP Administration act as the director, with one executive director, several members and advisors.

Responsibilities: (1) showing CGSA to the public; (2) publicity for activities on- and off-campus; (3) publishing news of activities and updating the website; (4) uploading information to online platforms; (5) showing CGSA to universities in China; (6) seeking supports from different resources; (7) raising funds off-campus; (8) “Career Development”, including schoolfellow communication, instructions for interview and paperwork in job hunting, and so on.

Dept. of ActivitiesVP Administration act as the director, with two executive directors, several members and advisors. The department sets four groups: Culture Group, Social Group, PE Group and Academic Group. One chargeman is in charge of each group.

Responsibilities: (1) holding activities, including booking sites, making budget and purchases; (2) assisting and supporting activities held by members.


(1) Democracy, impartiality and publicness are our core principles.

(2) Big events shall be supported by all departments.